How much is the monthly fee? What does it include?

HOA FEE is $350 per month for 2018. Professional Management, basic cable TV, grass cutting, leaf removal, insurance (Owner still needs HO6 Policy), Clubhouse, heated pool, termite contract, streets, roofs, exterior painting and wood repair, street lights, common area maintenance of entrances, islands, walking trails. There have been NO special assessments. The roofs and streets have all been replaced without a special assessment.

Where can I get a Certificate of Insurance? My Mortgage Co. is requesting a Certificate of Insurance.

Jamie Rothberg is our agent. His email address is jrothberg@jarinsurance.com, and phone is 615-665-3357.  The Insurance Certificate page is located under the PUBLIC DOCUMENTS menu option on this website.

Does the Cloister have any amenities?

Yes. Beautiful Clubhouse with a library, chapel, meeting room, and card room! Also, a heated outdoor pool is available for ALL residents and their guests. Miles of sidewalks and a walking (nature) trail is available for ALL residents.

When does the Board Meet?

Board Meetings are typically held quarterly in 2018.  Dates are posted on Clubhouse bulletin board.  All RESIDENTS are welcomed and encouraged to attend. After adjournment, residents are allowed to comment on COA issues and encouraged to talk with the Property Manager for specific unit issues.

Is there an age requirement to live at The Cloister?

Yes, one (1) of the two (2) residents must be fifty-five (55) years of age or older.

Does the Cloister HOA take care of everything?

While the COA takes care of roofs, streets, grass cutting, leaf removal, painting, exterior wood replacement, replacement/repair of original sections of decks/patios/fences, street lights, sidewalks, curbs, Clubhouse, pool, termite treatment, etc., the COA does NOT take care of everything. Unit owners are responsible for the maintenance of their unit’s interior, HVAC Systems, pipes, conduit, appliances, etc.

How many Board Members are there?

The governing Board of Directors consists of nine (9) members, eight (8) of which are elected by the Unit Owners at the Annual HOA Meeting held in January. The ninth Board Member is a representative of St. Henry Property Development.  Currently that Member is David Glascoe.

Is the Cloister really on Leased Land? Leasehold Estate Title vs Fee Simple Title

The original development was set up under a Ground Lease Agreement whereby residents hold their title in “Leasehold Estate.” About 15% of units at this writing are still owned in this category.  A title held in “Leasehold Estate” means that it is for a finite period and at the end of the lease period, the property, and any improvements must be peacefully surrendered to the owner.  The first of four lease expiration dates is 2042.

HOWEVER, those residents who choose to purchase a Fee Simple interest in their home can do so at any time, with the price increasing in April of each year. A “Fee Simple” title, about 85% of units in 2017, means that ownership is for an infinite period of time and at the end of the lease period, the owner continues to own 1/240th interest in the entire development.  In other words, the Fee Simple owners hold their title just like most other condominium owners hold title in the Nashville Area.

David Glascoe is the representative Director for the St. Henry Development Company and can answer any questions you may have about Fee Simple ownership at 615-760-4424 or email david.glascoe@maryqueenofangels.org.

How can I pay my monthly fee? What if my payment is late?

There are four ways that owners can pay maintenance fees which are due the first of each month:  (1) By paper check monthly or for several months at a time (make check payable to COA and mail along with coupon provided to Cloister OA, c/o CMA, PO Box 65851, Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851); (2) By ACH auto-draft which occurs between 5th and 10th of each month (Auto Draft Form is in website FORMS menu option and in Clubhouse office);  (3) By e-check online at www.cmacommunities.com; and (4) Some residents use e-bill process through their banks.  If payment is received after the 15th of each month. the account will be charged a $25 late fee for each month that a past due or late balance exists. If the balance becomes excessive, the Board will consider reasonable payment plans for those with a hardship. In the most extreme cases, lien and/or lawsuit is filed to protect the interest of the HOA.

Who pays our bills? How are Budgets done? Is the HOA Financially Sound?

The management company, Community Management Associates, Inc., provides the accounting and check writing.  Two (2) approvals of invoices by members of the Board of Directors (typically, the President and Treasurer) are always required on each check generated. This is an online process. Detailed financial reports and bank statements are provided to ALL Board Members monthly.

The CPA obtains the year-ending financial report and prepares the IRS 1120-H Form which must be filed by March 15 of the following year.

The Treasurer and Finance Committee work with Property Management in the annual Budgeting Process whereby future and pending capital improvement projects are considered and funds are allocated for same. Through careful planning, the Cloister has been able to replace all of its roofs, pave all of the streets, remodel the Clubhouse, continue painting the individual phases of the Cloister and re-do pool while keeping a six-figure balance in its Reserve Accounts.

All of the aforementioned planning and analysis is in order for the COA to be able to meet the operating expenses of the HOA and at the same time, plan for future capital expenses. Thanks to years of planning from current and past Board of Directors and Finance Committee members, the Cloister Owners Association remains financially strong.

I CANNOT access all of the other information like Newsletters, Financials, Budgets, Directory?

This Website is for realtors, prospective owners and residents, but only residents have full access. If you are a Cloister Resident, simply take a minute to register and you will then be granted access to enter the other RESIDENT DOCUMENTS areas of the Website. Registration is easy and only takes a minute or two. Thanks!

My alarm is going off….I know it is either me or my neighbor’s alarm…any suggestions?

First, is it the panic alarm or the smoke/fire alarm? If it is the smoke/fire alarm, there is a push button in the laundry room to shut it off (if there is no fire) or in your garage or your roof mate’s garage. If it is the panic alarm turn ALL the black wall switches up. This should take care of the problem. Remember to check your unit and your roofmate/neighbor(s) unit before turning off the alarm!

Did the Cloister Residents experience any Flooding during the 2010 May Flood?

No units experienced flooding. The Cloister took care of its own! Some units did experience small amounts of water intrusion and those units were restored by the Cloister Owners Association without the filing of any insurance claims, etc. Most of the damage was water seepage into a room where carpet and padding had to be replaced. Some residents had minor drywall repairs made and baseboard replaced and painted. But NO UNITS WERE FLOODED and NO INSURANCE CLAIMS OR SBA LOANS were applied for by the Cloister Owners Association.

Is RENTING allowed……..are RENTALS allowed at The Cloister?

NO…under NO circumstances is RENTING or RENTALS allowed at The Cloister. Please refer to the PUBLIC DOCUMENTS in the Homeowners’ Manual for more information as pertains to the residential requirements.