This website is designed to provide information to our current (and potential) owners and residents. Please click on the Info Package under “Documents” for those that are thinking about buying, selling, listing, or closing a home at The Cloister. If you are an owner or resident, PLEASE take a moment to REGISTER. Once your registration is approved, you can then log in with your user name and password to view more information which is not available on the public portion of the Website. David Floyd and Associates, Inc. is the Management Company for The Cloister Owners Association. Together with the association’s Board of Directors, we work to make The Cloister at St. Henry a better place in which to live while trying to carefully maintain costs and expenses so that we can avoid the need for large fee increases and/or special assessments. Our shared goal is to protect and enhance your home and investment, both physically and financially. The Cloister at St. Henry is a wonderful place to live…click on DOCUMENTS for more information about the Cloister!  Should you need any information from us, please use the contact information to the right to get in touch with our offices